Light activated nanomaterials fighting infections

LAM-X is a Czech biotechnology company developing light activated nanomaterials for protection from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, using innovative approaches initially developed at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University, Prague. The lead product is a nanomembrane that generates singlet oxygen upon activation by visible light. The clinical study on patients suffering from ulcers proved the efficacy of the LAM-X membrane. The LAM-X platform technology can be used in the fight against infections that are caused by surface-transmitted pathogens found in hospitals, sanitation facilities, food and water production factories. Unlike antibiotics, which target specific cell parts, the singlet oxygen approach is quick and rather nonspecific, making it impossible for microbes to develop resistance mechanism.

LAM-X won 3rd place in Hack the Crisis biotech start-up competition
June 23, 2020

In partnership with: i&i Prague CUIP

Supported by: Czechinvest Hack the Crisis Accelerated by EIT Health